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by Predatory Light

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Carved from the vermin womb, a spinning sanctity of nonmaterial suffering, the Predatory Light seeks to peel the mind and inseminate the spirit-cortex with the corrosive fluid of divine transgression.

We preach spiritual disintegration, we speak of physical degradation so we may pass through the psychic membrane, defleshed, defiled and ecstatic in our feral devotion to the beyond. We offer reincarnation through ritual excarnation of the mind and total liberation from this skin that binds us in torment and filth.

Released by Psychic Violence Records and Invictus Productions, 2016.


released September 22, 2016

Recorded by Andrew Oswald
Mastered by Dan Lowndes
Cover Art by Grady Gordon
Layout by D.F.
Icon by Kevin Gan Yuen



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Predatory Light Santa Fe, New Mexico

shapeless man
clawed foot and hand
we change our skins
betray this flesh
for altered vessels
of ruinous craft

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Track Name: Laughing Wound
shed these bones
with wicked tongue
and laughing wound

spill light that hungers
for the unearthly presence

bound in virulent tissue
a crawling hide
this godless skin
of knotted veins

let black fluids flow
and cleanse me
wash this spirit
from my skin

tear this being
from my pores
weave my flesh
and shed these bones
Track Name: Lurid Hand
mysterious grave
swollen and evil

enfold in lurid hand
beckoning marrow path

pray ghastly
dead and devout

intone the vile script
Track Name: Path of Unbeing
beyond the bright gate
of savage clairvoyance
into the gushing hell-mouth
of formless dwellers
lies the arterial tapestry

purged in blood
from her skeletal womb
feeding this spiritual flesh
suckling uterine murk
in venereal darkness
Track Name: Membrane
sightless beast
of the mutant dark

nest in the skull
sleep foul and ragged
within the crude vessel
holy bone temple

a fissured vision
of the divine membrane

sightless beast
of smoldering night
Track Name: Sacrum (Feral Devotion)
of the burning eye

forever spinning
in feral devotion

suckle the god spine
in sacral illumination

turning the pelvic key
toward the sulfuric coil
Track Name: Born of the Wrong Blood
black feathered
and seething scale
being of the stone eye

raise the skin
from earthen plasma
preach the snarling word

howl saintly
in crazed darkness

born of the wrong blood